Pig out at the Wing Out Cafe

What do orange soda, hot sauce, peanut butter, and beer have in common? Besides the obvious answer, nothing, they are all ingredients that can be found in the over 100 flavors of wings at Wing Out Café. When mild, hot, and BBQ just don’t cut it anymore, Wing Out Café offers customers more exotic choices such as “Taco”, “Maple”, and “Hot-n-Sticky”, which is made with pomegranate juice.

Located on Upland Ave. in Reading, Wing Out Café is joined with the Lookout Bar. Customers are greeted by flat screen TV’s where they can catch all the popular sporting events, the Wall of Shame and the Wall of Fame, and chairs which are designed like steel barrels adding something that can’t be found anywhere else.

I was greeted by manager Tim Button, who was happy to give me a little bit more of an insight about what makes this café unique and delicious.

With over 100 different combinations of wing flavors, I asked Tim how they come up with recipes.

“We just decide what tastes good, and you put it out there,”he started.  “You find a balance and listen to customers.”

He stated that all of their sauces were popular, but the biggest seller was mild. We were both spicy food fanatics and preferred the Devil’s Tears to mild. Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but I would go for the Mango Habanero which is a kick of spice, and a subtle sweetness at the finish.

Is there anything that shouldn’t go into a sauce? Tim quickly put that concern to rest when he said, “You can always find a way.”

Fair enough. So when you log onto WingOutWings.com and decide to enter the recipe contest, feel free to break out the coffee grounds, get the grape jelly, and bust out the balsamic. Anything goes.

The madness doesn’t just stop with wings. The café has also given a place to specialty pizzas like the “Devil’s Tears Pie”. It’s a pizza smothered in chicken, mozzarella cheese, and Wing Out’s hottest sauce made withGhost Peppers. It’s sure to challenge the most experienced taste buds.

There is also a full sandwich menu which the café is very proud of. Throughout the conversation, Tim always kept the focus on growing and doing what was best for the customer. 

“We don’t buy processed meats or anything like that so we’re kind of turning everything back to the basics.”

But if over 100 flavors of wings, pizza, or the run of the mill sandwich won’t satisfy you, there’s always the “Kitchen Sink Challenge”.  You can try your luck at conquering three burgers topped with hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, grilled mushrooms and onions, onion rings, three cheeses, and bacon in less than 20 minutes. But that’s not all. Before you can throw up your arms in victory, be sure to finish the pound of fries and triple pickle spears. If the challenge is met, the meal is free and your picture will be up on the wall of fame for all to see. If you fall short of greatness, you must pick up the tab and take your place on the wall of shame.

Advice and strategy from someone on the inside you ask?

“Just know that you’re gonna be full and eat, eat, eat.”

At the time of my visit, only one person had conquered the challenge. That gives it a 10% success rate.

So even if you’re not in the mood for everything including the kitchen sink grab a six-pack and make your way into Wing Out Café. Let the staff dazzle your palette and catch a Phillies game in the summer, or football in the fall. The café is on an ongoing mission to make sure that they deliver quality and uniqueness at every turn.

As Tim put it, “We just want to make the best wing.”

And after sitting down with him, I believe it.

Wing Out Cafe
501 Upland Ave Reading, PA 19611
(610) 898-7619

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One response to “Pig out at the Wing Out Cafe

  1. The wing out in reading pa located on upland street is over priced, gross food ,bad attitude and all this for it being under new management. Really twice you messed up the same order. Please learn some customer service and to cook

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