How I ended up on “Cloud Nine”

It was a lunch I had done many times before. After taking the kids to the doctor, we headed off to Isaac’s on Broadcasting Road. As usual, we ordered our food and went to look at the fish in the aquarium, which if you don’t know can provide hours of entertainment to a two year old. But instead of grabbing our food and going back home to eat it, I decided to take the short stroll down to Cloud Nine Cafe.

I had seen it many times before, not really knowing what to expect. Most days I just kept on walking down to Sublime Cupcakes and grabbed a few of those delicious little pieces of delightfulness. But today was different. I needed coffee and I didn’t feel like waiting in line for 20 minutes at Starbucks, or having Dunkin’ Donuts mess up my order. It was time to reach for the clouds.

When I entered I had my daughter and her car seat hanging on my arm. I looked around at the eclectic mix of art and decor but still b-lined straight to the counter. The food looked yummy, but I had already ordered my lunch so it would have to wait until next time… which I decided immediately upon entering that there would indeed be a next time. I went with my usual medium caramel latte with an extra shot of espresso. It didn’t disappoint.

I also grabbed a bag of toffee sitting on the counter from the Lancaster Toffee Company. While that might be slightly off the Berks County theme I like to go with, it made me look a little deeper at what else Cloud Nine Cafe had to offer in the way of local fare.

The staff was wonderful and polite. They were personable and showed the kind of enthusiasm that keep people like me coming back no matter if I have to get out my car instead of driving through for coffee. Even better, they remembered me the very next day when I came back to try lunch.

The mushroom salad with olives, orange sesame chicken, and Dijon potato salad made with red potatoes were all wonderful choices. The potato salad was chunky and satisfying. It was more potato than anything and I equate that to a crab cake with very little filling. The orange sesame chicken was fresh, mixed with red peppers and mandarin oranges. The sesame flavor balanced with the oranges in a perfect way. The mushroom salad… well I’ll have to take someone else’s word that it was good because mushrooms and I have never agreed on much.

The great thing about Cloud Nine Cafe is that they truly encompass everything great about a local business. They are not only a cafe, but a gallery for local artists. Cloud Nine showcases candy and baked goods from local companies as well. The comfort of walking into a place where so much care is put into everything they do is priceless.

Did I also mention their full breakfast menu? Fresh baked goods and a hot breakfast versus a calorie filled sandwich made with all the worst things from a chain should be a no brainer. And don’t forget about the delicious coffee. Try the “Sledgehammer” to get your morning going. It’s coffee with a double shot of espresso. I can’t wait to go try it and see how my coworkers react to the rush.

I regret the time I’ve wasted not knowing about Cloud Nine, but I fully intend on making sure I’m there too much from now on. I’m a sucker for delicious deli food and great breakfasts. Have a lunch date that you’re trying to impress? Take them to Cloud Nine, instant cool points gentlemen. Be sure to visit their website, But don’t be fooled by the menu on there, make sure to visit as well to try all of the wonderful special items! Support local businesses that support the community, you’ll be on Cloud Nine.

Cloud Nine Cafe
(610) 320-9909
Village Square
Broadcasting Rd
Wyomissing, PA 19610

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