Burger Bonanza at the Douglassville Hotel

Boy do I love having a selection when I go out to eat. I love being able to sit down and not know what to order because everything looks so great. This was definitely the case when I visited the Douglassville Hotel Restaurant, but it took a little bit of adventuring to get to that point.

Word of mouth had finally reached me, and I finally made the trip to the Douglassville Hotel to try out the burger menu that I had heard so much about. The only problem was I was with my family, including my two year old son and two month old daughter. We had made the trek from Wyomissing to Douglassville on our day off to have a nice meal and try out the selections. All seemed fine until we rolled up onto the gravel parking lot, opened the door, and saw a crowd that we were not too comfortable being around. We looked at each other and decided that maybe we should try it out another day. Red Robin it was, and it was great all the way around, but that’s not what this is about.

The next week, I took my adventurous spirit and made the trip again. This time, I did it alone. I was determined to have my burger… and eat it too. I pulled into the parking lot again, and was greeted by loud music coming out of the building and a crowd that usually doesn’t hang where I hang. I kept on moving forward and continued on my journey. I walked into the bar and almost had a seat, until I saw a door and walked up to find the dining room.


The sign which told me to seat myself was a little bit off putting, but I found a table which happened to be in a high traffic area, and completely missed the other part of the dining room. The décor was eclectic and older, exactly what I expected from an old hotel. Character is what I call it. There were no televisions, and the only music was coming from the bar area of the restaurant. There was already a beer menu on the table full of IPA’s, wheat beers, stout beers, ciders, bottles, drafts, and whatever else one would hope to find.

My server presented me with the menu, and the adventure continued. I skimmed right past the appetizers, which included crab potato skins, and an assortment of flavors of boneless wings, and ignored the entrée portion of the menu. No need to complicate things more, I was here for the more then 75 varieties of hamburgers.

What could you possibly top hamburgers with to make that many combinations you ask? Well, there’s provolone cheese, sharp cheese, American cheese. There’s sautéed onions and mushrooms and roasted peppers. They top it with BBQ sauce, hot sauce, A-1 sauce, bleu cheese, and the classics ketchup, mustard, and mayo. They even top burgers with the essential ingredients that we always use like pierogies, roast beef, French fries, peanut butter, and fried egg. Willy Wonka would be envious of the creations this place throws together.

All of the burgers have their own names, but you have to order by number. Coincidentally, my choice of burger also had my favorite number, 47. It was named the Phil, and it had honey BBQ sauce, provolone cheese, bacon, and French fries on it. I added an order of beer battered fries to it and went to town. The bun was fresh and plump, the burger was perfectly cooked, and the toppings created an experience my taste buds will never forget. It may have been a safe choice, but it was definitely the right one. It was a choice that makes me want to visit over and over again and make my way down the list, which apparently has been done before.

I made the choice to try out dessert on this night, so I went with the vanilla cake made with Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. It was nothing like I expected, it was actually better. Moist, delicious, and not your traditional vanilla cake. It was on a menu of other cakes and desserts which featured alcohol in the recipe, and they are all homemade. I had to ask because I tasted the love.

When it was all said and done. I didn’t spend a lot of money, and I was very pleased with my experience, service included. The true beauty of the Douglassville Hotel was on the inside, which was filled with friendly staff and excellent food. I look forward to my next burger adventure with my family along for the ride.

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